Photon Series soft tissue dental diode laser from Zolar Technologies

Photon series soft tissue dental diode laser
Photon series soft tissue dental diode laser from zolar technology is one of the leading soft tissue dental diode lasers for every dentist, every hygienist, every day. Soft tissue dental diode laser allows maximum comfort and working efficiency, whether performing procedures in the anterior or posterior of the mouth. They are completely safe to use by dentists and for the patients. Photon series soft tissue dental diode lasers offer 21 adjustable / customizable preset programs for soft tissue and hygiene procedures along with 4 custom programs. Photon series soft tissue dental diode laser is the first EVER 2-in-1 soft tissue dental diode laser on the market with soft tissue and low level laser therapy (LLLT) applications. LLLT uses light energy composed of photons to elicit cellular and biological responses offering surpassed clinical results and matchless patient satisfaction.

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About Zolar Dental Diode Lasers

Ultra affordable versatile soft tissue dental diode lasers from Zolar Technology

Zolar dental diode lasers are ideal for procedures involving cutting, contouring soft tissue, creating precision cuts in gingiva and other soft tissue procedures while also eliminating bleeding at the site and reducing the healing time for the patient. Zolar soft tissue dental diode lasers are also ideal for troughing around preparations, sterilizing endodontic canals, treating periodontal disease and tooth whitening.

Zolar dental diode lasers are portable and easy to use with simple, touchscreen controls. Take a look and discover how zolar soft tissue dental diode lasers can enhance every part of your dental practice.

PHOTON 3 Watt – Soft Tissue + Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

The Photon is the first EVER 2-in-1 dental diode laser on the market! With soft tissue and low level laser therapy (LLLT) applications. LLLT uses light energy composed of photons to elicit cellular and biological responses offering surpassed clinical results and matchless patient satisfaction.

Photon is the only soft tissue dental diode laser that is granted exclusive license by Health Canada to perform LLLT therapy procedures amongst other dental diode lasers available. *The LLLT attachment is pending approval from the FDA.

PHOTON PLUS 10 Watt – Soft Tissue Diode Laser + Whitening

In spite of pristine oral hygiene, discoloration can affect many. Patients are looking for substantial, instant results to brighten their teeth, effortlessly and painlessly.

The Photon Plus™ – Soft Tissue Diode Laser, has bleaching hand piece attachment that can improve overall colour from 4 to 8 shades with 4 to 5 laser activation cycles. Your patients will be walking out of your office with that laser white smile they are looking for.

Financing option available

Zolar have teamed up with Paramount Financials to offer financing for purchase of Photon dental diode lasers.

Dr. Gerry Ross

Veteren in the Dental Laser industry talks about the Zolar Dental Diode Lasers

About Zolar Technology

Zolar Technology is Ontario, Canada based dental equipment manufacturer, specializing in Dental Diode Lasers. Company’s management consists of industry’s leading experts supported by worldwide network of reputable authorized dealers, ensuring products coincide with international requirements and regulations and offer customers with local dealer support.

What dental experts and customers say about us!

  • The photon series is the best among the dental diode lasers. The cordless foot pedal and body of the laser make it completely portable and highly convenient to use. The choice of pre-sets is unlimited which makes it user friendly. The hands-on training courses offered to get the maximum benefit from the laser are so good, that you shall soon be able to master the use of these products. You will achieve the ideal results and feel it was effortless getting there. These courses and the dental laser would soon become a key part of your armamentarium.

    Dr. Gerry Ross

  • A revolution in Dental Technology.

    Dr. George Freedman

  • In my years of experience in dentistry and using lasers, the Zolar laser is the best I have come across. I’m really happy with the efficient cutting and hemostasis it provides. Also, I find the unit easier to use because of its small size. The Photon Plus model is certainly a great value for money.

    Dr. Roland (Ontario, Canada)

  • Lasers have brought a revolution in the dentistry profession. The Zolar products have developed an incredible product line of diode lasers that every dentist should have in their kits.

    Dr. Suja Mathew (Mississauga, Canada)

  • The compact size and wireless foot control for the Zolar makes it a perfect for any size practice.

    Dr. Robert Convissar

  • As a long-term laser user, I have been won over by Zolar’s Photon Plus laser. It has a sturdy portablity that feels great in your hand. Whoever designed this laser thought of everything: over 20 presets and programs which are a joy to work with as is or easily programmed to match any user. The disposable tips make cleaning and using it again a breeze!

    Dr. Peter Auster (USA)

  • A product made from experience is what I would like to say about Zolar’s Photon. They have kept the convenience and requirements of a dentist in mind while designing and manufacturing the products. And my patients go out happy too… just amazing!

    Dr. Arthur Vaughan (United Kingdom)

  • After trying so many Laser diode devices, I chose the Canadian Zolar Diode Laser machine for my dental clinic. The touch screen menu with the customizable and preset settings insure a fast leaning curve. The aesthetic design, the wireless foot pedal, time-saving single use tips and its affordable price are some reasons which makes the Zolar laser, a great investment by a dentist for surgical and non-surgical dental treatments. A Zolar diode laser helps us to gain the trust of our patients and to move our practice to a more professional level.

    Dr. Chadi Khanji (Lebanon)

  • Photon plus is amazingly easy to use with its touch screen interface and wireless foot pedal. Photon plus is also a great way to please and impress your patients when it comes to treatment plan acceptance. I recommend it to any dentist who is interested in diode laser, I’m sure they will be glad to have it.

    Dr. Francoise T. Akoury

  • I have both the products manufactured by Zolar. They are so cost effective and useful that I just could not resist myself from having both of them. The accuracy of my dentistry has improved immensely. My patients heal faster and suffer less pain.

    Dr. Fabio Bryant (Geneva, Switzerland)

  • Laser is changing the way clinical Dental Hygiene is viewed and practiced. The Zolar Photon Lasers are designed for optimum ease of use and efficiency. This gives both the Doctor and the Hygienist a laser device that meets the demands of a modern dental practice, which is treating our patient’s to the highest levels for health and wellness through laser surgical and periodontal therapeutic models of care.

    Janet Press, RDH

  • In my years of BOI implants I have never had such amazing comfort using a dental laser. My team and I are overjoyed at our year long experience with Zolar’s Photon series. The service backup provided by the AMT team, especially Mr. Balamurugan, has been simply outstanding!

    Dr. Murugavel (India)

  • I have been very pleased with the Zolar Laser. The battery operation and wireless foot pedal make this unit very convenient to use. It also has numerous presets and a bright LED screen.

    Dr. Marc A. Cohen (Memphis, TN USA)

Exceptional features

Zolar dental lasers comes with exceptional features that makes it a must have for dental practice.


Zolar’s dental lasers are versatile and used in wide range of oral soft tissues and tooth whitening procedures. These dental lasers are used to cure gum inflammations and infections and highly recommended as a reliable and instant cure for most periodontal aliments.

Pre-set programs for standard procedures

Zolar’s dental diode lasers offer 21 adjustable / customizable preset programs for soft tissue and hygiene procedures along with 4 custom programs. These dental lasers enables dentists to effectively use diode laser with optimum efficiency for laser dentistry.

Compact and ergonomic design

Zolar’s dental lasers are truly portable and makes it easy to carry around. Hand piece is ergonomically designed that enables dentist to operate with ease and for longer duration without any fatigue. All components are made from durable materials designed to last long.

Large and clear display

Zolar’s dental lasers have large and clear display, that makes it easy to use with simple, touchscreen control and select options.

Long battery life

Long lasting batteries enabling use of soft tissue dental lasers in minor and major surgeries. Batteries are easy to recharge.

Disposable Tips

Zolar’s dental lasers are among very few dental diode lasers that offers disposable tips making them extremely safe and hygienic.

Wireless Foot pedal

Zolar’s dental lasers is the first ever diode laser with wireless foot pedal. The wireless foot pedal is not only convenient but is comfortable while performing minor or major surgeries with dental diode laser.


Zolar’s dental lasers and accessories are competitively priced, so each dentist and hygienist can afford to own their personal dental lasers instead of sharing.

Technical Support and Training

Zolar offers online webinars, video tutorials and training programs by leading oral experts to effectively use their Photon series Soft tissue dental diode lasers.


Photon diode laser accessories


Zolar soft tissue dental laser offers 21 adjustable / customizable presets for soft tissue and hygiene procedures along with 4 custom programs

Zolar Technology aims to make soft tissue laser technology affordable, portable and user-friendly with its multifunctional Photon Series soft tissue laser.

Photon soft tissue laser offers two different features in one product. It can be used for soft tissue applications such as fibroma removal and crown lengthening and it also offers a new feature which is low level laser therapy (LLLT). LLLT can be applied to treat and relieve pain and to stimulate faster healing.

Watch our videos on various soft tissue laser procedures carried out using Photon soft tissue laser. We offer webinars, training videos, special courses conducted by dental experts to provide best use of soft tissue laser in your practice. Contact us today for more information

Exposure of unerrupted teeth

Excision of lesion or removal of Granulation Tissue

Fibroma removal

Frenectomy Gingival troughing for crown impressions


Hemostasis and coagulation

Gingival incision and excision hemostasis

Implant recovery

Incision and drainage of abscess



Oral papillectomies

Pulpotomy as an adjunct to root canal therapy

Reduction of gingival hypertrophy

Soft Tissue crown lengthening

Gingival bleeding index

Excisional and incisional biopsies

Treatment of canker sores, herpetic and aphthous ulcers of the oral mucosa Vestibuloplasty

Advantages of using Zolar soft tissue diode lasers

Soft tissue diode lasers offers advantages to both dental professionals and patients.

For dentists and hygienists

Soft tissue diode lasers not only give dental practitioners the ability to precisely complete routine dental procedures performed in general practice, but also many advanced dental procedures they previously would have referred to dental specialists.

Soft tissue diode lasers are particularly useful for gingivectomies to facilitate caries removal and enhance a smile’s esthetics in a minimally invasive way.

When used to create a trough around prepared teeth, these soft tissue diode lasers also can improve the quality of daily impression taking, resulting in impressions that are cleaner and more accurate.

For patients

Soft tissue diode lasers use an energy wavelength of 810 to 980 nm, a level proven to demonstrate a high affinity for soft tissue laser in dentistry. Soft tissue diode lasers also demonstrate photo-thermal effects to ablate, or cut and seal, soft tissue through vaporization. As a result, patients tend to experience far less post-operative discomfort, as well as significantly less collateral damage to otherwise healthy surrounding tissue areas.

Soft tissue diode lasers also have the ability to achieve simultaneous cutting and coagulation. This advancement in dental laser technology provides an immediate hemostasis with far less tissue-charring and a reduction of bacteria that lessens the incidence of post-procedure bacterial and viral infections.

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Zolar lasers at America's Dental Meeting 2015
Zolar lasers at Greater New York Dental Meeting 2015
Zolar laser at Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting 2016
Zolar lasers at UAE International Dental Conference & Arab Dental Exhibition

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