Dental Tribune: Pain therapy and soft tissue applications in one device

Dental Tribune: Pain therapy and soft tissue applications in one device

The Canadian manufacturer Zolar aims to make dental diode laser technology affordable, portable and user-friendly. With its multifunctional dental diode laser Photon, the company now wants to expand into new markets. Dental Tribune Online had the opportunity to talk to Paul Atkins, Executive Officer of Zolar Technology and Manufacturing.

soft tissue laser Executive Officer of Zolar Technology and Manufacturing

Dental Tribune Online: Mr. Atkins, have you been to IDS before and what do you expect from the show?
Paul Atkins: This is my first IDS and also the first exposure in Germany, so it is exciting for me. We are interested in meeting a lot of distributers for the European market. Zolar – Manufacturer of soft tissue laser, wants to expand into Europe and also into Australia. Thus, we are meeting with some possible partners in Australia later on. On the whole, we are interested in dentists who would like to buy our products but also in dealers who would like to distribute and sell our products around the world.

Which innovative features and functions does your dental diode laser offer?
The soft tissue laser Photon has 3 Watts of energy and 25 factory pre-set applications which can be edited and customized. For example, it offers the dentist a completely variable pulse mode which is quite innovative. Other competitors have a fixed pulse which can only be adjusted by 50 per cent on or off. We have a completely variable pulse range. In addition, the power is individually adjustable for all the applications. These adjustments can also be saved, so dentists can overwrite whatever the factory pre-set was.

Photon offers two different features in one product. On the one hand, it can be used for soft tissue applications such as fibroma removal and crown lengthening. On the other hand, this product also offers a new feature which is low level laser therapy (LLLT). LLLT can be applied to treat and relieve pain and to stimulate faster healing. This feature is measured in Joules. There is a fixed setting of 4 Joules for stimulation of healing and also a setting of 8 Joules for inhibition of pain. Thus, with LLLT dentists can relieve pain and stimulate healing in various dental applications such as TMJ protocols, post extraction, restorative, root sensitivity, dry socket and many more.